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Q. How does this work?

A. There are really just a few store fronts for clones in the state of Michigan. Almost all clones are purchased through meets that are arranged and scheduled. This is how we do it:

  • You will be sent a list of available clones for purchase upon request.  

  • It is first come-first served, and more than one person has the list at the same time. The longer you take to decide the better the chance that coveted strain may be sold.

  • When you decide, call or text your order to your sales rep. A meet time will be reserved for you and your order is locked in.


Q. Where do you meet?

A. The East location meets in Holly or Grand Blanc, MI. You are given the address at the time of scheduling your meet.

Q. Do you have a minimum/maximum amount per order?

A. A minimum of four plants is required to schedule a meet and purchase clones.

Q. What are your days/hours of available meet times?

A. Monday-Friday, 10-4. Special arrangements by request and hours subject to change without prior notice..

Q. Do you deliver?

A. No. We do not deliver, even with an extra charge, to any location besides our meet.

Q. What happens at the meet?

A. We just need to know the vehicle description you plan on arriving in and we will inform you of our vehicle for the meet in order to find each other You will inspect your clones after meeting up with our driver and ask any questions you may have at that time. Pay him and take your plants home.

Q. Do you guarantee your product at all?

A. Yes. The website contains a printable pdf with our guarantee. While no one can guarantee a plant thrives indefinitely, we want to make sure your plants transition to their new forever home for up to 72 hours. This gives you ample time to inspect and judge your clone’s health. We definitely do not replace clones that have deteriorated due to grower’s inexperience or mistakes. You should educate yourself on how to grow prior to any purchase.

Q. Do you ship?

A. No. Not at this time.


We schedule meets throughout the day and when you are late it makes us late for someone else’s meet time.


No call, no shows will be blocked from being able to purchase again. As will showing up without the prior agreed upon full amount to purchase.


Thank you.

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