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But the Internet Says...


I am frequently asked which strains of ours are indica or sativa dominant. So, knowing our strains quite well I make a strain recommendation. Then, after researching the strain on the internet I am confronted with an angry/confused/suspicious person who corrects me because on the internet they have found it to be the opposite of what I just said. Let me try and explain:

First, if I have 10 people that have smoked the flower from that pheno and they all say it’s definitely indica, then that’s what it is. No matter what the internet reports. This is more than likely going to be the effect it will have on you also. Why is this?

I’ll put it in very non-scientific terms.

You cross plant a (indica) and plant b (sativa) and you get plant c (hybrid).

Hybrid produces seeds (children).

We plant those seeds (children) and they are all going to be different (much like your own children) percentages of indica and sativa. There will also be good and bad phenos which is why we pheno hunt in order to keep the best one.

Every seed will be different in ratios of the percentage of indica or sativa. For example:

Seed A is 60/40% (I) (S)

Seed B is 50/50% (I) (S)

Seed C is 70/30% (I) (S)

Seed D is 30/70% (I) (S)

So, seed D ends up the winner in the best pheno contest. It produces the most, has great trichome coverage with wonderful smell and has the biggest and tightest flowers and wasn’t fussy to grow. Seed D is indica leaning and when smoked it definitely has indica effects. We don’t care what the internet says about the strain. We know it’s an indica.

Had Seed C been the winner instead, it may have been a pheno that was sativa leaning. And after being smoked by several different people where they report sativa effects, we are going to tell you that it is definitely sativa.

The internet is a great tool albeit loaded with information and mis-information, especially when it comes to the subject of cannabis.

Grow on...

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