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Wedding Cake Strain


Wedding Cake (sometimes referred to as Pink Cookies) Is used both recreationally and medicinally. Testing of THC level has been as high as 25% and is a cross between Girl Scout Cookie and Cherry Pie. This is a very potent strain and must be used with caution if you are new to partaking in cannabis.

Flavors and terpenes will vary according to the phenotype but the profile is tangy, sour and a smidge creamy. The nose is also sweet like cake.

Flowers are large and dense with tightly curling leaves. Lots of sticky trichomes and orange pistils (hairs to some).

Starts out as a quick head high leading to it’s indica side after and hour with the sedating body effects. Makes you feel happy and stable.

Wedding Cake helps with stress, depression, insomnia, arthritis and anxiety. Caution should be observed with an increased THC level if couch-lock is not a desired effect. This is true of any high THC strain.

Grows best indoors in soil with a bit of humidity and flower time is eight weeks. But this does not mean it can’t or shouldn’t be grown other ways. Not a good source of CBD.

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