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Not Easy but Rewarding

Personally, I think growing cannabis to get the most you can from each harvest is not easy.

You need experience and education. But for every opinion online you will also find the opposite opinion. Even the most well-known growers don’t agree. So how does a new grower attempt to get it right?

Experience is the best teacher, but you still need a well-rounded knowledge of the entire process before you get started. It’s not like growing a tomato plant. Having an experienced friend or mentor is always beneficial but not an available resource for everyone who wants to begin a garden.

I normally refer interested growers to Even after all these years I still find that to be the go-to site for the novice. It’s written in terms the inexperienced can comprehend. It’s also laid out in a user-friendly, cohesive format.

Your garden needs to be dialed in from the environment, nutrients, and pest management program. You will make mistakes. It’s impossible not to. You have to learn from it and roll with the changes. But once you get there it’s so extremely rewarding. So just don’t give up. You WILL get there.

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