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Phenotype or Strain Name?


Well, I guess we have to call the strains something and I suppose it can be as rewarding as naming your children. Just don’t get too hung up on a name. If you look on Phylos Galaxy where you can DNA test your strain and register it with them, you can find multiples registered under the same name. I just checked and they have five different Strawberry Cough registered to different entities.

So, which Strawberry Cough will you be getting? One of those five registered phenos or one of the thousand others that aren’t registered but still called Strawberry Cough? My point being, you should worry more about the pheno you are getting and who you are getting it from.

It boils down to trust. Not so easily achieved in this industry. So many have been burned that before we even get a chance to prove what we are about it’s assumed by many that we will be just like the rest. That’s totally understandable. We started to grow initially when our purchase from the local dispensary was so horrible, we couldn’t get it to light or stay lit. It was also obvious no one had bothered to flush it properly, if at all.

The stories roll on and on from people who have purchased clones that ended up with pests and/or pathogens. I honestly don’t think that it’s because the seller doesn’t care, they are just too inexperienced to be putting them out there. Many people think it’s easy but I assure you that if you do it properly it most certainly isn’t.

Our strains do have names. More importantly though, we know each and every pheno we sell. We have grown from seeds bought from reputable breeders and picked the winner after growing several out all the way to harvest. We know how it smells, tastes, yields, grows, THC level and we take our own actual pictures so you can see the true phenotype we have cloned from.

We sell no clones before their time. Our very first customers still come back for clones from us because of trust. The plant they grew was exactly what we said it would be. Obviously, there will be polygenomic variations due to different growing styles and factors pertaining to lighting and care by individual growers. But we won’t sell you a Sour Diesel that is really someone’s Strawberry Cough strain.

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