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What Our Customers Have to Say...

These are the actual testimonials from our real customers, absolutely no editing has been done by us.

You can't go wrong with greenrush!  I'm back for my third group of clones this season.  They are what the website says they are. 


The clones I've received this season are excellent.  I have a hort degree and am very fussy about plant material.  I didn't have time this year to do my own and was seeking some fun new strains.  I've gotten clones before elsewhere, sight unseen, and it wasn't a good experience but I needed to try again this season and am really pleased with greenrush. 


They are polite, professional, on time people.... And the clones I received were ready to put on excellent growth from the start.  Extremely vigorous and well-rooted, free from pathogens and insects and the branching on them is excellent.  Well done, Greenrush Farms!  I'll be back again and again.



I would like to thank you and your team fir these super healthy clones when I transplanted it did not take long and they shot right up I’ve never been this happy with any clones I’ve gotten in the past you guys rock

Dan W.

Green Rush Farms has been with me since day one of my grow and has helped me beyond what most companies are willing to do for a customer. From questions to concerns, all my needs have been met beyond expectation.


I just pulled a awesome crop from from your pictures and think they're some of the best available!

Jon D.

Oh by the way that Logan’s run I got from you is taller and bushier than some clones I got from another source a month before I got that it’s unbelievable thanks tons for those beautiful clones!

Dan W.

We have purchased many baby pictures from Debby & Team. Great product from start to finish. Genetics are great. Thank you once again for the great business.

Dustin M.


I have been buying clones from Green Rush Farms for awhile now and I have always got top quality plants. I have always grown from seed until I came across Green Rush Farm, they do all the hard work for you . They are really friendly folks to deal with, they get a A+ from me. Thank you .

Phil F.

I got some bad ass clones for a great price they were all very clean and very healthy 100% satisfied customer here.

Dave E.

100% these guys know what they are doing! Would not get clone from anyone else!

Kiley L-S.

I like the business ethics.

Big G.

Love your guys genetics.


I have bought clones from many people , but never have I had such good service , clean bug free clones and all rooted and ready for transplant. Excellent clones I would not buy clones from anyone else.

Kim W.

Your preteens have grown to lush and healthy ladies.


This was my second grow (got clones from you both times) and I really appreciate your input and the time you’ve made to answer my questions.


Brad, they're beautiful and healthy looking



Love it! Can't wait to try it. I'm stoked they are growing so well.


I love you guys.


Man this Skunkberry is crazy smellz wow.


Green Rush Farms in Michigan is the truth. I was disappointed that they didn't offer teens but went with them because of the reviews.


To my surprise over half of the clones were a foot tall anyways and the smallest one was 9".

Transplanted into happy frog layer on top of super soil and the next day they are already perked up and ready to roll.


Awesome service, great product and even the delivery guy was solid. Will be back


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