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Authentic Strains.


We go to great lengths to insure we have the authentic strains we advertise them to be. They are grown from seeds in sealed packs right from the breeder and occasionally a clone-only strain obtained from just a few people we trust completely.


No Pathogens or Pests.

We routinely use Pathogen Zero on all of our plants as a preventative to molds and garden destroying pests. Pathogen Zero is completely organic and will pass any state tests.



All of our strains are flowered out and the best phenotype is chosen to clone from. You don’t just get the authentic strain, you get the best authentic pheno of that strain. We have put all the time in necessary (sometimes up to eight months)


Complete Transparency.

We have absolutely nothing to hide. We will tell you what we use on our plants and answer absolutely any questions you may have with complete and total honesty. We do have a few trade secrets we may choose to keep to ourselves but it won’t be any information you will need in order to make your decision in purchasing from us.

No Chemicals.

Along with Pathogen Zero we have plenty of ladybugs in our garden scouring our plants at all times for any food in the form of pests.


Here for the Long-Haul.

We have been selling cannabis clones for two years and feel we have perfected the process. We want happy repeat customers. We will be here with the best clones you can purchase for this garden and your next. We want you to feel you can trust us to keep coming back for the latest and greatest and the tried and true strains you desire.



As long as you follow proper transplantation procedures, we guarantee the survival of our clones with free replacements. We may ask to see a picture as many times clones will look like they are dying when they are just in transplant shock. They will more than likely bounce right back to life in a very short time.

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