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Most potent and exotic cannabis strains online

Green Rush Farms was born of a simple desire to provide what we ourselves could not find. Clean, tested, superior genetics from a trusted source.

We clone in rockwool cubes and once well rooted they are potted in 2.5” square pots. With enough notice, they can be purchased while still in the cubes before the potting takes place.

We have a rigid IPM program using BioSafe Systems, beneficials, and Plant Therapy. We never use anything that is not Michigan state-approved.

We test our plants for the HOPS virus regularly. We also run the terpene panel including THC percentage and total cannabinoids.

No one should miss out on great genetics due to cost. We are more than competitively priced. We don’t equate good genetics with high prices, and you shouldn’t either. We will investigate the latest hyped-up social media strain, and if warranted we will test it out ourselves. If it makes the cut it will be added to the
menu with a reasonable price attached.

While not our main function, we do prefer to do our own breeding and pheno hunts when time and space allow. Green Rush Farms has introduced strains such as Strawberry Runtz, Skunk Piss, and Green Runtz. Our current offerings are Spirit of Brad and April’s Frost. Next up will be the result of our cross of Black Truffle and
Sherb Crème Pie. We are looking for a winner from 106 seeds planted.

We know our genetics. From how much they like to eat, the amount of stretch, the structure, the vigor, the susceptibility to pests and pathogens, etc. You know exactly what you are getting. As your garden progresses, we are always willing to help with questions you may have regarding any concerns.

All our genetics have been pheno-hunted either by us, by the breeder, or on a rare occasion, by a very trusted source. Still, we trust but verify. Before any decision is made to add it to our inventory it will be grown by us through flower, harvested, cured, and smoked by individuals with varying levels of tolerance. Only then can
you achieve a true understanding of the effects. These are just some of the criteria we consider before the decision is made on whether to add it to our menu.

While a very high THC percentage is considered the Holy Grail by many, we see evidence of the entourage effect theory that various compounds in each strain, and even each pheno, create unique effects by working together. Don’t discount a strain due to its lower THC percentage as its other compounds could make it the
best smoke you’ve experienced.

We are constantly striving to provide our clients with what the consumer wants. We can guide you to the genetics you are searching for in our inventory. Every strain/pheno on our menu has checked all the boxes from terpenes to yield or it doesn’t go on it. The plants will be clean of pests and pathogens, HOPS tested
and authentic.

*These results are ours and depending on many factors from your experience level to your choice of lighting, nutrients, IPM program, etc. your mileage may vary. There is no substitute for a good prior education when starting your first garden; we cannot recommend it enough.

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