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How to Purchase

We try to keep all strains in stock, however, they sell quite fast. Sometimes you can check the list in the morning and that strain can be gone by the afternoon.


Another important fact is that orders of multiple cuts can deplete a dedicated mom for four to eight weeks taking that strain out of commission until she grows back enough to have more available healthy cuts.


Sometimes the dedicated mother needs to be started over entirely if the number of cuts does not allow for us to continue growing her.

Having to stay within our legal number of plants only allows us to keep so many dedicated mothers. This is why we only keep the best even when that means letting go of a popular and hyped up current strain.


If what we currently grow remains far superior to the new strains we hunt then the inferior strain gets the chopping block.


This is also why we recommend not falling in love with every new strain that claims to be a heavy producer with a THC level of 30%.


Listen to your trusted grower who pheno-hunts and flowers out to harvest and can honestly and transparently provide you with the information on the mother from which your clone was cut.

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